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by mediacentral  uploaded a year ago
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Video transcript: Hello, this is Lance Herrington, an editor at the Broadcast Center and one of the administrators of Media Central. I'm going to show you how to obtain the embed code for a video you've uploaded using the Media Central interface. The embed code you'll get will allow you to place the video within a page on an external web site. First, let's enter the 'My Media' tab. If you haven't logged in yet, you will be asked to authenticate using your Princeton e-mail address and password. Here you'll see a list of each video you've uploaded, in my case a single video. Click on the video in question, and it will open a window with some more detailed information. Scrolling down below the video player, you'll see we're currenty viewing the information contained in the 'Details' tab. We need to click on the 'Share' tab. The 'Link to Media Page' displayed here is a link that will load the video within the Media Central interface. Since we're after the embed code that will allow us to display this video outside of Media Central, we'll click on the 'Embed' button. Before you copy the text from the 'Embed Code' field, just examine the options below it. With 'HTML' selected, we'll generate embed code compatible with a standard HTML web site, as well as a Roxen site using the RXML component. The other option is a type of embedding called oEmbed, which you may wish to use if you have a Drupal or Wordpress site. Below the Embed Type you'll see some options for the player skin as well as the player size. The recommended skin and size are selected by default. Although the images of the skins may look a little different, your final embed code will have the Princeton Shield displayed on the bottom right, just as it appears in the video above. When you're ready to grab the embed code, simply select all the text in the 'Embed Code' field. One way to do this on any browser is to triple-click inside this text field. That should grab the entire text. Then use a keyboard shortcut to copy the text. On a Mac, just press command-C on your keyboard. On a Windows machine, press control-C. That's it, you have the embed code in your clipboard, and can now paste it into your web site editor of choice.
Lance Herrington
Broadcast Center

Link to Media Page: Press Ctrl+C to copy

Grabbing the embed code will make this media public to the world.

Non published media will only appear to you in your "My Media" page. You can publish to multiple categories and channels.
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