Mountain meditation 2

Mountain meditation is a form of meditation where you will be able to ground yourself in the moment and perhaps assume the qualities of a mountain. Posted with permission by Lavanya Devdas, MSW, Ph.D.

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PNI Computing Git/Revision Control Systems Talk 04/04/16

PNI Computing Git/Revision Control Systems Talk 04/04/16Speaker: Garrett McGrath

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"Living With Climate Change: The Road From Paris" By Dale Jamieson

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The Labor of Leisure, The Power of Pleasure

This symposium critically engages the cultural production of labor and leisure in Soviet and post-Soviet life. Boredom and fun provide tensions, rhythms and harmonies that resonate beyond a framework…

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Fin de siecle Socialist Realism: Aesthetics of Socialism in Eastern Europe and the USSR After Stalin

Program in Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies Lecture Series: Russian Realism Revisited Evgeny Dobrenko, The University of Sheffield

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Russia and the U.S.: What Went Wrong After the Cold War

Fyodor Lukyanov has been editor of Russia in Global Affairs journal published with participation of Foreign Affairs since it's founding 2002. Under his leadership the journal became one of the…

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"Inherently Risky Designs? The History of Soviet Nuclear Reactors and the Notion of Safety"

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"Ocean Acoustic Ecology: Great Whales, Ocean Scales, Big Data"

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Two-Factor Authentication Tutorial

A snapshot of how to use the Duo two factor authentication system for your Princeton University single sign-on account

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