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McGraw Workshop September 7, 2020: Learning from Virtual Teaching: Strategies for Making the Most of Instruction

Learning from instruction virtually through a screen poses challenges for our attention and engagement. Doing assignments and studying remotely can be harder without the structure of a normal campus,…

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Welcome and Introduction

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Best Practices for Video Production

Would you like to improve the quality of your live or recorded lectures? This workshop is for faculty interested in learning how to raise the level of their online course videos. We will explore best…

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Princeton Lectures In Finance: "Asset Pricing and Machine Learning"

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Minerva Lectures III: The Russo-Seymour-Welsh Theory for Dependent Percolation Models and its Applications

In this third talk, we wish to present some of the mathematical study of critical percolation on a two-dimensional lattice. A key tool in analysing such models is a famous theorem, dating back to…

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Princeton University Public Lectures: Edge Lecture-David Miliband

The Global Refugee Crisis and What To Do About It

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A Voice from the Nondead Past: Rethinking Lucille Clifton

The recent posthumous publication of the collected poems of Lucille Clifton, and the acquisition of her archive by Emory University provide the opportunity to consider the work of this great American…

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Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership in a Time of Austerity: A Strong, Pragmatic and Principled Approach to U.S. National Security

Former Under Secretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy will discuss the tough choices we need to make in order to maintain the foundations of U.S. power and influence. In order to set the…

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The Thinking Eye - Edward Tufte, Data Theorist and Sculptor

4/4/2013Cosponsored by the Spencer Trask Lectures Series and the Program of Belknap Visitors in the HumanitiesThe Thinking EyeEdward Tufte, data theorist and pioneer in the field of data…

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Curiosity’s Mission to Mars: Newest Discoveries from Gale Crater

The Mars Science Laboratory’s rover Curiosity is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort to explore the red planet, to study the rich environmental history of early…

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