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Prentice Lecture (2024) - Patrice Rankine - Theater and Crisis

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Resisting Gravity: Episodes in Architectural Escapism | A lecture by John McMorrough

John McMorrough is an architect and writer who explores the relationship between contemporary culture and design methodology through architecture’s extended field of practices. In addition to…

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Righting the American Dream with Diane Winston and Rachel Brown-Weinstock

A conversation with Diane Winston, author of Righting the American Dream: How the Media Mainstreamed Reagan's Evangelical Vision, a provocative new history of how the news media facilitated the…

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"The Intimate Lives of Books In The 1979 Iranian Revolution" by Naghmeh Sohrabi

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Thrive - Luncheon and Conversation with Film and Television Industry Pioneers

Selwyn Seyfu Hinds ’93, Showrunner, Producer and Screenwriter; and Broderick Johnson ’90, Co-CEO, Alcon Entertainment

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Black Militancy and White Violence: The Collapse of Authority During the Late '60s and Early '70s

Alan C. Petigny, Associate Professor of History, University of Florida

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