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Using Semantic Vectors to Uncover Nuance and Better Understand Ancient Roman Texts and Culture, Natalia Tam, UG '25 (4391AAA4)

Latin is difficult for machines to translate due to the language being highly inflectional and overlapping word forms frequently creating ambiguity. Even with the help of dedicated human translators,…

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Impacts of Domestic Dog Exposure on Pennsylvania Coyotes’ (Canis latrans) Genetic Structure, Diversity, and Disease Regulatory Genes, Catalina Posada, UG '25 (B9F9B308)

Goal: Coyote (Canis latrans) range expansion has potential gene flow repercussions as coyotes come into increased contact with domestic dogs. Pennsylvania has great county-level variation in…

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Brian Arnold: DataX Biomedical Data Scientist

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