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Seeing More Pitches: Analyzing the Effect of Extended At-Bats on Offensive Production, Kaden Kram, UG '24 (8A052AA1)

At the heart of America's favorite pastime, professional baseball organizations look to build teams and develop game strategies in the pursuit of championships with the heavy influence of…

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Inverse Neural Rendering for Explainable Multi-Object Tracking, Tanushree Banerjee, UG '24 (611179F4)

Today, most methods for image understanding tasks rely on feed-forward neural networks. While this approach has allowed for empirical accuracy, efficiency, and task adaptation via fine-tuning, it…

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OURSIP Intern - Ron Shvartsman

Sedimenting Elastic Filaments Advised by: Prof. Howard Stone, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Rodolfo Brandão Macena Lira, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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