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Eon-ic Bonds: A Geochemical Investigation into Volcanic Heating & Gas Production During the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction 66 mya, Spencer Koonin, UG '24 (AAE84404)

Complex chemical footprints are left behind by geological processes. By analyzing the chemical structures of rocks near to the magmatic eruption in the Deccan Traps region 66 million years ago,…

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Celebrate Princeton Innovation 2022 - Lindy McBride: Synthetic blends for manipulation of mosquito behavior

Researchers have discovered a specific blend of chemicals that mimics the human odor mosquitoes respond to, which could lead to the development of baits that would attract mosquitoes to lethal traps.…

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Large Scale Bridges: Washington, Oakland, and Millau

The connections between large bridges, engineering design competitions, and structural art, as presented by David P. Billingon '50, Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, and…

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