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PPPL: We salute Hantao Ji, Phil Efthimion, Erik Gilson and their team for winning a 2022 Edison Patent Award #Eddys2022 for the liquid centrifuge – a cool device to treat waste streams &…

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DISC Welcome Video 2021

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Simplifying Cloud-Based Real-Time fMRI with the Brain Imaging Data Structure, Stephen Polcyn, UG '21 (2312124)

Real-time fMRI is a powerful technique that enables novel research and medical treatments by providing people real-time feedback (approximately every 2 seconds) about their brain activity. However,…

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A Review of Photon Rings in Schwarzschild Black Holes, Katarzyna Krzyzanska, UG '22 (2310579)

General relativity predicts that light can enter into orbit around a black hole, producing photon rings. Analyzing images of the photon rings and the accretion disk of a black hole can thus give us a…

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