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Effects of Grazing on Yellowstone Plant Communities, Sophia Richter, UG '23 (2278112)

The iconic grassland and sagebrush-steppe plant communities of the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park have long been a research focus in conservation, largely surrounding debates on whether…

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Apples to Apples: Using a Patch Foraging Computer Task to Examine Cognitive Effort Costs, Physical Effort Costs, and Motivation in Real Life, Temitope Oshinowo, UG '21 (2316710)

People assess effort in their everyday lives and such assessments may lead them to execute a task or avoid it. In this experiment, we studied effort assessments in a controlled setting using a…

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Foraged Cuisines, Culinary Labs: A Food Studies Lens on the Biopolitics and Bioart of Rewilding

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