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Working with Minors Training Tutorial by Daniel Alber - Pace Center for Civic Engagement

Designed for those who volunteer with projects that work with minors, this mandatory training session will include an overview of the new university policy, interactive activities, best practices for…

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Mirrors in Science: The Best Discoveries Cannot Be Planned, André Koch Liston, UG '23 (2262642)

When an unusual phenomenon crosses our work in the lab, the pressure of academic productivity asks us to ignore it if it doesn't relate directly to our research. I think this arrangement is…

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2022-2023 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellows

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2023 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellow - Mira Nencheva

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Betsy Bird interviews Team Tolo

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Adam Rex

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David Keller full interview, July 16, 2019

David Keller interview by Carolyn Jones, July 16, 2019. In 1972 David Keller had just finished his PhD in English Literature when he began teaching at the University NOW Day Nursery. In this…

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