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Mellon Forum - Soil Forensics- Property and the Buried Truth in Medellín

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A Tale of Two Snakes: Degei and Kaliya, Ipsita Dey, GS (2267861)

This project explores the parallel narratives of Degei, the Fijian Creator God, and Kaliya, a Hindu Cosmic Being. Both Degei and Kaliya are mythological snakes living in the Nakauvadra Mountains of…

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9.1 Reflections on Surah al Balad

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7.2 We Are all Pilgrims

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Spring 2022 Anschutz_Lecture

King’s 2022 Anschutz lecture attends to the keywords “futurity,” “ecologies,” and “experimentation” as they circulate within Black and Indigenous feminist…

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Living in the Service of Humanity, Alumni-Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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PU RGoldston Lecture 10 - Fuel Cycle 2

Professor Rob Goldston, Princeton University

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