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Measuring Natural Selection in the Wild, Max Gotts, UG '24 (9D2FCEE5)

Fitness landcapes are incredibly powerful tools for visualizing the action of natural selection on rapid timescales. However, collecting the relevant empirical data to generate them is costly and…

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Mellon Forum - Soil Forensics- Property and the Buried Truth in Medellín

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A Tale of Two Snakes: Degei and Kaliya, Ipsita Dey, GS (2267861)

This project explores the parallel narratives of Degei, the Fijian Creator God, and Kaliya, a Hindu Cosmic Being. Both Degei and Kaliya are mythological snakes living in the Nakauvadra Mountains of…

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9.1 Reflections on Surah al Balad

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7.2 We Are all Pilgrims

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Spring 2022 Anschutz_Lecture

King’s 2022 Anschutz lecture attends to the keywords “futurity,” “ecologies,” and “experimentation” as they circulate within Black and Indigenous feminist…

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Living in the Service of Humanity, Alumni-Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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PU RGoldston Lecture 10 - Fuel Cycle 2

Professor Rob Goldston, Princeton University

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