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A More Sustainable Process for the Production of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide, a Battery-Relevant Material, Hannah Even, UG '25 (74268795)

Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) is a material that is important in battery production and water treatment. Manganese for EMD comes from a manganese oxide compound called pyrolusite in manganese…

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Smelting Workshop

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Titration: Radioactive Waste, Princeton, & the Navajo Nation, Travis Chai Andrade UG '23 and Brooke Kennedy UG '24 (3958635)

Nuclear Princeton, in collaboration with Twiddle Productions, created a short animated film called Titration: Radioactive Waste, Princeton, and the Navajo Nation examining how Princeton directly and…

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Laser-Based 3D Metal Printing by Direct In-Situ Smelting, Marco Rupp, G1 and Claire Dashe, G1, (3929453)

One fifth of the world’s carbon emission comes from the manufacturing sector and with the ongoing climate crisis, the look for alternative and more green manufacturing processes is on. In our…

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