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How do we know what we know? -- as a mathematical question. Designing knowledge assumptions and asymmetric encryption schemes in lattice-based cryptography., Yuxi Zheng, UG '23 (2279885)

Assumptions of various hard problems are essential in modern cryptography. There is a group of assumptions known as the “knowledge assumptions.” They assume that in order for the…

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Secure Research at Princeton: Social Sciences

This presentation guides the researcher through various data use agreement requirements, including testing, approval, and storage/analysis; provides tips on managing secure data, and discusses…

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Citadel - Requesting Access or Support via ServiceNow

Step-by-step guide on requesting Access or Support via ServiceNow for Citadel

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ServiceNow Primer for Citadel Sub-Admins

Overview of ServiceNow functionality including details on processing Citadel's Account Creation form. This training is to help sub-admins navigate the workflow in ServiceNow. Additional…

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Citadel End User Training

End-User Citadel Training Live zoom session recording from January 7, 2021

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CUI Overview

Overview of CUI Compliance Requirements

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