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Venturing into the Unknown: Investigating sex differences and the role of the lateral septum in territorial behavior , Vivian Li, UG '24 (B1E3E6CA)

Territory exploration in animals is conducive to gain knowledge about investigated environments and evaluate social information driven by recognition of chemosensory cues. Previously, it was known…

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Delivering Headphone-Free, Head-Tracked Personalized Audio through Sound Zones, Yue Qiao, GS (C37ADB23)

In many scenarios, people who share the same space need to listen to their own choice of audio with minimum interference from others. While headphones are a possible solution, they isolate people and…

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Bradford Seminar: "Identifying Ecologically Viable Climate Refugia Under Rapid Global Change"

Paul Elsen, a climate adaptation scientist for the Wildlife Conservation Society, will present “Identifying Ecologically Viable Climate Refugia Under Rapid Global Change.” This seminar…

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Teaching Computers to Negotiate, Denis Peskoff, Postdoc (3949464)

Negotiation is a core component of day-to-day life and international politics. But this is not a skill we associate with the everyday Artificial Intelligence of today: Siri and Alexa do not…

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Imperial Integration on Rome's Atlantic Rim

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JOURNALISM: Lovia Gyarkye '16 - Associate Editor of The NY Times Magazine Labs - Memorable Moments in the English Dept.

Seven recent alumni, who are in the fields of law, medicine, publishing, journalism, film, theater administration, and non-profit education, returned to campus to talk about their professional…

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