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Red Power Takeover: Native American Activists, Colonial Landscapes, and the Design of Sovereignty, Angelika E. Joseph, GS (984FB293)

This dissertation argues that the Red Power Movement (1969–1973) was an architectural project for Indigenous sovereignty. Every protest involved the takeover of colonial architecture:…

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Mellon Forum on the Urban Environment: "Predatory Development And Climate Change"

ackson and Knittle will discuss how Black urban communities and communities in poverty are fighting the triple threat of gentrification, unemployment and climate change through local movements that…

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Amy Abdalla - 2021 Journalism Senior Colloquium

Amy Abdalla '21 presents her certificate project, "Revolutionary Surveillance," during the Program in Journalism's third annual Senior Colloquium. My article will expose the…

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Welcome Remarks & Panel 1: Engaging the Present I

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