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Influence of Nutritional Environment on Potassium Fractionation in Arabidopsis thaliana Plants, Heather Madsen, UG '24 (3BCAB6E4)

Potassium is integral to many biological processes in plants. Without sufficient K content, gas exchange is halted and photosynthesis cannot proceed, resulting in chlorosis and premature death.…

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Bookings for Faculty - Opening Unique Blocks of Time

This video outlines the steps needed to open up unique blocks of time for an appointment type (like Advising Hours) in Microsoft Bookings.

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Infrastructure and New Technology Adoption: Assessing the Impact of Transmission Availability on New Solar and Wind Entries Using Power Plant Retirements as a Proxy, Emiri Morita, UG '22, (3953817)

In response to the climate crisis, many governments around the world have committed to decarbonizing its economy by 2050, requiring technological transitions backed by large infrastructure upgrades…

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Credit and Saving in the Long Run and Over the Business Cycle

JRC Third Annual Conference: "Consumption and Finance" | Chair: Angus S. Deaton, Princeton University

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