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Understanding the Backyard Bird Can Improve Aircraft Design, Hannah Wiswell, GS (2F33196F)

Bioinspired design connects biology and engineering, allowing us to gain insights about a particular species while also improving structural design. Birds, for example, have provided inspiration to…

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Tracking the Evolution of Emarginated Primary Feathers with Flight Style, Lilia Burtonpatel, UG '27 (A6DA3782)

This project explores how a special type of flight feather on birds - emarginated primary feathers - have evolved different shapes across evolutionary history. These feathers make up the wingtips of…

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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Peter Marra

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Peter Marra "Studying birds in the context of the full annual cycle"

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Bradford Seminar: "Overexploitation of Wildlife In China"

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Tiger Night 2023

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FPUL Small Talk with Gene Andrew Jarrett Feb 1, 2023

The Friends of Princeton University Library present Gene Andrew Jarrett, the Dean of the Faculty and William S. Tod Professor of English at Princeton University. Jarrett will share the story of how…

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1.45 Khutbah - Spiritual Solitude Complements Spiritual Companionship 5_4_2017

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Migratory flight on the Pacific Flyway: strategies and tendencies of wind drift compensation, Patrick_Newcombe_Video - Patrick Newcombe, UG '25 (2768215)

Applications of remote sensing data to monitor bird migration usher a new understanding of magnitude and extent of movements across entire flyways. Millions of birds move through the western USA, yet…

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CITP Seminar Jaime Fernández Fisac - Machine Bullshit: Emergent Manipulative Behavior in Language Agents

Our research group is currently trying to shed light on what we think is one of the most pressing dangers presaged by the increasing power and reach of AI technologies. The conjunction of…

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2022.02.28 MAE Faculty Search

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OURSIP Intern - Mel Hornyak

Sexual Harassment of Men and Prototypicality Theory

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Virtual Birding: Exploring Audubon's 'Birds of America'

Grab your binoculars and join us for an hour of virtual birding, as we turn the pages of John James Audubon’s gigantic, hand-painted "Birds of America" (1827-38).Rarely does the…

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SICSS 2019 - Mass collaboration

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Metaphor – Promise and Peril: Complexity and Systems Thinking in Action : Day 2, Video 2: Complexity and Behavior

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No Way Home: Why Animal Migrations are Disappearing Around the World

David Wilcove *85, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, discusses the disappearance of animal migrations and the reasons behind this…

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