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Why Thomas Sowell Matters

A discussion with Jason Riley on Thomas Sowell and why his writings—on everything from school choice and affirmative action to economic inequality and social justice—continue to be…

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The Black Church: Current Challenges and Enduring Hope

Historically, the Black Church has played a vital role in the black community, spiritually, socially, and politically. In the current period the Black Church, like the church as a whole, is…

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2022.02.25 Pedro Meira Monteiro Talk

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CITP Seminar: Anita Allen - How Privacy Got Its Race

There is increasing interest in understanding the difference race makes for the enjoyment of privacy and the protection of privacy rights. This talk surveys issues and concerns at the intersection of…

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The American Founding and the Culture Wars

Alan R. Gibson, California State University, Chico

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Presidential Race: Barack Obama and Blackness in America

Michael Eric Dyson *93, University Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University, shares the chapter "Wright Turns, Wrong Signals" from his forthcoming book, Presidential Race: Barack Obama…

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The Racial Gap in Academic Achievement

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