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OURSIP Intern - Efe Eroz

Exploring Approaches for Modeling the Turbulent Combustion of Fuel Mixtures Advised by: Prof. Michael Mueller, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Celebrate Princeton Innovation 2022 - Lindy McBride: Synthetic blends for manipulation of mosquito behavior

Researchers have discovered a specific blend of chemicals that mimics the human odor mosquitoes respond to, which could lead to the development of baits that would attract mosquitoes to lethal traps.…

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Nassau Sampler - Arlee's Raw Blends

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Science Meets Multimedia Art: Connecting People and the Microscopic with Doodles

Intricate stories line the quiet spaces in and around living cells. Capturing these microscopic stories and communicating them to people in creative, accessible ways grows ever more important. As a…

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