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Eon-ic Bonds: A Geochemical Investigation into Volcanic Heating & Gas Production During the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction 66 mya, Spencer Koonin, UG '24 (AAE84404)

Complex chemical footprints are left behind by geological processes. By analyzing the chemical structures of rocks near to the magmatic eruption in the Deccan Traps region 66 million years ago,…

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Breaking the NVIDIA Tyranny: Transpilation Enhanced by Automatic Parallelization, Susan Tan, GS (77BBEB41)

Since 2015, NVIDIA's stock has increase 40-fold, primarily due to its dominance in the GPU market, crucial for AI advancements. With its Tensor Cores, like the A100 and H100, customized for AI…

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Princeton Mellon Forum on the Urban Environment- Food Security September 30 2020

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Henry, Give me Liberty - 7:24:20, 10.36 AM

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