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Exploring New Defects in Diamond for Quantum Networks, Sounak Mukherjee, GS (2474952)

Quantum communication offers higher security compared to traditional encryption by virtue of the fundamental laws of Physics. But quantum states are fragile. To be able to send qubits across long…

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Bransgrove, Ashley, February 10, 2023, "Magnetic Reconnection and Flux Eruptions in Black Hole Magnetospheres"

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Hotel Itemizations

This demonstration will review how to itemize a hotel bill so that all of your expenses are accounted for accurately. We will then show you how to enter and account for a hotel advance deposit, and…

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ReMatch Intern - Jules Regan

Multimodal Word Learning Mentors: Prof. Casey Lew-Williams, Psychology Dr. Jessica Kosie, Psychology

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Quantum hall bilayers with a twist-skyrmion mediated superconductivity

Michael P. Zaletel - University of California, Berkeley

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Heat Transport in Topological Matter

Dmitri Feldman – Brown University

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Correlated States in Ultra-Pure Oxides

Joseph Falson, California Institute of Technology

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