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Influence of Nutritional Environment on Potassium Fractionation in Arabidopsis thaliana Plants, Heather Madsen, UG '24 (3BCAB6E4)

Potassium is integral to many biological processes in plants. Without sufficient K content, gas exchange is halted and photosynthesis cannot proceed, resulting in chlorosis and premature death.…

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Exploring the Prospects and Challenges of a Novel n-Doped Organic Semiconductor, Colin Brown, UG '24 (2264872)

The use of organic semiconductors (OSCs), i.e, conductive polymers, has risen greatly over the last few decades, as scientists have taken advantage of their unique properties, including greater…

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Density Fluctuations and Hyperuniformity in Dense Packings of Superballs, Charles Maher, G4 (3959561)

A packing is any collection of nonoverlapping objects. Dense, disordered packings are useful models of glasses, biological systems, and granular media. The study of dense packings of nonspherical…

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Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect, Topological Magneto-electric Effect and Orbital Magnetism

Allan H. MacDonald - The University of Texas at Austin

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Exciton Condensation in Quantum Hall Bilayers Overview

James P. Eisenstein - California Institute of Technology

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Continuous Mott Transition And External Drive

Patrick A. Lee - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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ReMatch+ Intern - Richard Huang

Summer Research Colloquium Research Summary - Modeling Elastic Turbulence in 3-D Porous Media via Simulation

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JKrommes, AST-554, Lecture 16, "Finish up Chapman-Enskog; Conductivity", 14APR2014

Professor John Krommes, Princeton University

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