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Who Plays First? Using Game Theory to Coordinate Many Robots, Haimin Hu, GS, and Zixu Zhang, GS (00A963B2)

On Monday morning, three auto-piloted jetliners are flying on a collision course. How should the air traffic controller reroute them to avoid collisions and minimize delays? Meanwhile, a fleet of…

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Bradford Seminar: "Designing Effective Environmental and Conservation Policies: The Role of Collective Incentives"

Kathleen Segerson is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut. She is an environmental economist, with a strong interest in collaborative…

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Cilia and basal Bodies - Session A, Chaired by Junmin Pan

Methylation of ciliary dyneins- Miho Sakato-Antoku, Ramila S. Patel-King, Stephen M. King. The LC1 outer arm dynein light chain is required for normal motor assembly kinetics, ciliary stability and…

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