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Graduate Student - Why Slavic

Graduate Students explain Why Slavic.

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Safest Speaker 3: Ted Borer

Talk from Ted Borer, Director, Energy Plant, at Greening Up the Lab: Spring Festival of Safety and Sustainability held April 17, 2024. Part of the Sa[Fest] series of events hosted by the Office of…

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Urban Greenery and Air Temperature

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Commencement 2023

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Urban Greenery and Air Temperature Study

Tracy Twine and Stefan Liess (University of Minnesota) share findings of an INFEWS study on urban greenery and air temperature.

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OURSIP Intern - Rajveer Kaur

Training Spatial Computations through Visuomotor Adaption Task Advised by: Prof. Jordan Taylor, PsychologyDr. Olivia Kim, Psychology

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Cilia and basal bodies B - Chair- Hongmin Qin

Analysis of SAXO proteins in Chlamydomonas - Susan K. Dutcher, Zachary Payne, Rui Zhang FLA4 encodes a conserved TPR protein that modulates anterograde IFT and promotes ciliary assembly - Damien…

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Meet Een Jabriel

Een Jabriel is a community partner-in-residence with the Pace Center for spring 2023.

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Tchekhovskoy, Sasha, February 9, 2023 "Simulations of Black Holes Feasts and Burps"

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DataX SCM Workshop 6-2022_Pouliot

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HMEI: High Water Line New Jersey "Presenting the Science"

The panel discussion “Presenting the Science” will bring together climate experts to engage the public in understanding what scientists project for the future shoreline of New Jersey, the…

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PPPL's director Steve Cowley interviewed by Kim Brunhuber, Anchor for CNN International on Feb. 9, 2022 with regards to the recent euro JET fusion machine successes.

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2021 Virtual Hooding Ceremony

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A Review of Photon Rings in Schwarzschild Black Holes, Katarzyna Krzyzanska, UG '22 (2310579)

General relativity predicts that light can enter into orbit around a black hole, producing photon rings. Analyzing images of the photon rings and the accretion disk of a black hole can thus give us a…

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