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Having Connections––Roots of the Pare Pare System on Guam, Seyoung Choung, UG '25 (219D978E)

“Having Connections––Roots of the Pare Pare System on Guam” seeks to explore the historical roots of the ‘pare pare system’ on Guam, an island in the Marianas…

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9.14.22 Book Talk

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Challenges to Russian Authoritarianism: Is Putin Forever?

In 2020, Russia underwent constitutional changes, aimed at possible extension of Vladimir Putin’s term in office until 2036. Top state officials openly declares the goal of…

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Mexico's 2018 Elections: Elections and Criminal Violence in Mexico: The Elephant in the Room

Guillermo Trejo, Associate Professor of Political Science and Faculty Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame

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