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Creating Good UX for People with Disabilities

When they approach a product, people with disabilities have the same goals as everyone else but their needs can be different and their experiences more complex. In this lightning talk, Charlie…

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Bradford Seminar: "Flood Vulnerable Populations: Who's Exposed And Who Recovers?"

Water and destruction garner the attention in flood disasters, and drive research and policy emphasis on physical processes and built environment impacts. But the main reason we care about floods is…

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ReMatch+ Intern - Valeria Zuluaga-Sanchez

Investigating Variability in Infant-Directed Communication across Contexts

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Leading in a Culture of Inclusion for Managers [Pre-work]

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A Simplified Approach to Interacting Bose Gases_Ian Jauslin

I will discuss some new results about an effective theory introduced by Lieb in 1963 to approximate the ground state energy of interacting Bosons at low density. In this regime, it agrees with the…

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Dimensions of Modern Jewish Political Thought

Dimensions of Modern Jewish Political Thought RELIGIOUS PARTICULARITY AND MORAL UNIVERSALITY: FAITH, REASON, AND NATURAL LAW The Annual Robert J. Giuffra ’82 Conference Tuesday, May 14 –…

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