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SURF: Eavesdropping on Underwater Communications from the Air, Poorya Mollahosseini, GS (1B355730)

This project investigates how an airborne node can eavesdrop on the underwater acoustic communication between submerged nodes. Conventionally, such eavesdropping has been assumed impossible as…

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Meet Emily Sharples

Emily Sharples is the Class of 1969 Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) Program Director.

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9.23.22 MAE Seminar Series

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CPS Welcome Video 2022

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View Old Expense Reports

This demonstration shows you how to access your Concur expense reports stored in the Report Library.

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Tips for Approvers

This demonstration provides tips for Approvers and will explain the changes Approvers can make to expense reports, show how to review complex allocations, view previously approved reports, and set-up…

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Hotel Itemizations

This demonstration will review how to itemize a hotel bill so that all of your expenses are accounted for accurately. We will then show you how to enter and account for a hotel advance deposit, and…

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