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The Blue Qur'an - brief overview from Hidden Stories

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OURSIP Intern - Jingjing Wang

Mechanisms underlying the heterogeneous expression of vpsL in Vibrio cholerae biofilm Advised by: Prof. Bonnie Bassler, Molecular Biology Dr. Grace Johnson, Molecular Biology

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Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Lennard-Jones Potential, Hans Watanabe, UG '26 (3993975)

I have been coding this Java program for the past month with the guidance of Yury Polyachenko, a PhD student at the Jacobs lab specializing in molecular dynamics. The program simulates a box of atoms…

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Nassau Sampler - Small World Coffee

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Wu, Yihong "Recovering a Hidden Hamiltonian Cycle via Linear Programming" May 14, 2018

PCTS "Bridging Mathematical Optimization,Information Theory and Data Science"

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