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DEATHSTAR: A System for Confirming Planets and Identifying False-Positive Signals in TESS Data Using Ground-Based Time-Domain Surveys, Gabrielle Ross, UG '27 (E47E8636)

DEATHSTAR is a complete Python pipeline that confirms exoplanet discoveries, and is published under Ross et al. in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society December 2023…

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The Hottest Worlds in the Universe, Samuel Yee, G4 (3958227)

The first planets to be discovered orbiting stars other than our Sun -- exoplanets -- were a type of planet we hadn't expected, based on our expectations from our own solar system. We call these…

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Climate and the Potential for Life on Other Planets

Understanding planetary habitability is key to understanding how and why life developed on Earth as well as whether life is present on planets that orbit different stars (exoplanets). Whether a…

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