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Is it an Animal?: Reconstructing Ancient Fossils with Machine Learning, Advik Eswaran, UG '27 (7B7798F6)

My research project was on generating a 3D reconstruction of ancient fossils (565 million years old) from Siberia. Working with over 2000 cross-sectional images of the fossil sample, which is encased…

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The Transformation of Light Novels, Anthony Ng, UG '23 and Kurt Lemai, UG '23 (2262522)

Through our research, we explore the contents of light novels, a medium of short young-adult fiction novels in Japan, through a dataset of light novel titles of the past 50 years. Through analyzing…

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Earth's first reefs and the beginnings of animal life, Ryan Manzuk, GS (2306039)

Just over 500 million years ago, many of the animal forms recognized today suddenly appear in the geologic record. This rapid evolutionary event often is referred to as the Cambrian Explosion, and…

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