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James Madison Program God's Cold Warrior 9.8.22

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5.18 Spiritual Activism: Reflections of my Father, Person of Healing, Person of Consciousness, Moral Vision (audio minute 30) 4_9_2016

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The Book of Dreams: The Linguistic Project of Translating Khwabnama, the Great Bangladesh Novel

Arunava Sinha discusses his translation of Khwabnama (Book of Dreams), written by Akhtaruzzaman Elias (1943-97); the greatest Bangladeshi fiction writer of the twentieth century. Arunava Sinha…

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An Anthropologist And His Interlocutors: Law, Intimacy, and Psychoanalysis in the Political Anthropology of John Borneman

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Day 2 Regional Profiles

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Class Day 2018 - Cory Booker

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Robert E. Lee: A Life

Robert E. Lee is one of the most confounding figures in American history. Lee betrayed his nation in order to defend his home state and uphold the slave system he claimed to oppose. He was a traitor…

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The Early Years of Ottoman Rule in Egypt in the Light of the Cairo Geniza

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Boris Nemtsov’s Transformation of Russian Politics

A special event discussion with Zhanna Nemtsova, the co-Founder of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, and Mikhail Fishman, journalist and filmmaker.

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'He cried at his father’s funeral': Adventures in Primary Sources from the Collection of Robert J. Ruben '55

Robert J. Ruben ’55, world-renown bibliophile, presents from his collection of transforming medical and scientific works. He will share stories attached to their backgrounds and acquisitions,…

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The First Christians in Egypt - the Christianization of the Fayum Before 250 CE

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Session 4-018

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A New Approach to Seleucid serrated coins: Questions of Reform and Dynastic Continuity

The serrated (saw-shaped) coins of the Carthaginians, Romans, Seleucids, and Antigonids remain an enigma in the history of coinage. A large reason for this has been the increased scholarly interest…

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Building a Photo Essay

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David Keller full interview, July 16, 2019

David Keller interview by Carolyn Jones, July 16, 2019. In 1972 David Keller had just finished his PhD in English Literature when he began teaching at the University NOW Day Nursery. In this…

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Asian American Studies Lecture Series: Tina Chang

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