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OURSIP Intern - Ron Shvartsman

Sedimenting Elastic Filaments Advised by: Prof. Howard Stone, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Rodolfo Brandão Macena Lira, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Chlamy 2023 Keynote Speaker 6/6/2023 - Prachee Avasthi

To Chlamy and beyond: exploring new science and new ways to pursue it.

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Wang, Daniel, February 9, 2023 "X-rayView of SgrA* and its Environment"

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Next Generation Concrete: Exploring the CO2 Sequestration Potential of Low-lime Binders Enabled by Materials Architecture and Additive Manufacturing, Nadia Ralston, UG '22 (3967491)

As society pushes towards industrialization and growing needs for development occur, the global demand for Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is expected to rise concurrently. Yet, as one of the largest…

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