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Leftover or Too Far Ahead?: An Artistic Response to the Visual Portrayal of Leftover Women in China, Boya Shi, UG '26 (0C82C51C)

In China, the term shèng nǚ, or “leftover women,” characterizes an unmarried woman beyond her twenties, comparing her to leftovers. While reading an excerpt of Leta Hong…

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OURSIP Intern - Julia Lin

Characterizing a Novel Family of Radical-SAM Modified Peptides Advised by: Prof. Mohammad Seyedsayamdost, Chemistry Calvin Spolar, Chemistry

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Analyzing Racial Bias Trends in the Text of US Legal Opinions, Rohan Jinturkar, UG '23, (3964430)

Racial bias remains pervasive in American society, and there are many instances of such discrimination in the legal system. However, it is unclear if such bias also exists in the text of judge…

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Prentice Lecture: Christopher B. Krebs

Classics as Crime Fiction A Conversation with Caesar, Labienus, and Polybius

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