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Investigating Persuasiveness in Large Language Models, Promise Ekpo Osaine, GS

While the rate of progress and innovation in Artificial intelligence (AI) has many potential benefits, the potential for accidental deleterious effects cannot be overemphasised. It has been…

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DataX SCM Workshop 6-2022_Pouliot

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Quantum hall bilayers with a twist-skyrmion mediated superconductivity

Michael P. Zaletel - University of California, Berkeley

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Uncomputability: What We Can't Compute

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Poly Ho!

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JKrommes, AST-554, Lecture 02, "Overview of Collisions in a Weakly Coupled Plasma"

Professor John Krommes, Princeton University

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Our Cosmic Habitat - Recipes for an Interesting Universe: Intimations of a Multiuniverse

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