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CBE Majors | Colin Brown

CBE senior Colin Brown relates his experience using chemical engineering to study atomically thin superconducting materials for advanced computing and biotechnologies.

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ACEE annual meeting Panel 3: "Public-Private Partnership Towards Fusion Power Plants"

Panelists will outline the opportunities and challenges ahead for integrating fusion into the U.S. energy system, as well as the contemporary roles that private industry and public institutions must…

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OURSIP Intern - Elle Lazarski

A Novel Method for the Fabrication and Optimization of 3D-Printed Hinges Advised by: Prof. Ryan Adams, Computer Science Dr. Eder Medina, Computer Science

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Revolutionizing Clean Energy: How IG Processed Superconducting Super Magnets Could Save the Planet, Sushma Miryala, UG '25 (2771013)

The consequences of global warming are being felt worldwide, and rising temperatures are having catastrophic effects through the forms of heatwaves, floods, wildfires, sea level rises, droughts, and…

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E-cadherin: Biological Glue to Improve Cell-Material Adhesion, Youn Kyoung (Elena) Cho, GS (2279756)

Biomedical devices that penetrate the skin, such as implants and vascular access devices, rely on a stable attachment between the tissue and material to prevent complications. If the adhesion fails…

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SoA Lecture: "Some Characters in Search of an Author"

Cecilia Puga and Paula Velasco are directors and founding partners of Cecilia Puga - Paula Velasco Arquitectura, a practice that connects independent professionals from various disciplines and…

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NES Responsa & Letters Group (3.21.23)

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C-PREE Bradford Seminar - "Climate Change and the Future of Work: A Materialist Approach" lecture by Natasha Iskander

Natasha Iskander is the James Weldon Johnson Professor of Urban Planning and Public Service at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. Her research focuses on the ways that…

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Bringing Spanishes into the language classroom through corpus-based pedagogic material

For years, second language teachers and practitioners have known that commercially produced language teaching textbooks provide inauthentic language samples, which sound unnatural or stilted, and do…

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PPPL: We salute Hantao Ji, Phil Efthimion, Erik Gilson and their team for winning a 2022 Edison Patent Award #Eddys2022 for the liquid centrifuge – a cool device to treat waste streams &…

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Opening Remarks and Keynote Session - Engage 2022

Engage 2022 Conference Opening RemarksCraig B. Arnold, Princeton University Christina Pellicane, Princeton University Keynote: From Science Fiction to Reality: Translating Academic Tech into…

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10.4.22 Mellon Forum

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Princeton Mellon Initiative - Mellon Forum on Race, Power and Environment "Remapping Afro-Carribean Landscapes"

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