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Generating Stylized Comic Art With Stable Diffusion, Audrey Zhang, UG '25 (7A3C3CD0)

Stable Diffusion (SD) and other AI diffusion models can generate images in seconds. These models, however, are trained on millions of images, and sometimes not all are taken with consent. This is…

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Repainting History: A Framework for Subject-Specific Image Generation in Historical Painting Styles, Addele Hargenrader, UG '24 (2B9D81E4)

In the cultural and creative industries, one demonstrated use case for AI is to engage art museum visitors through immersive and interactive exhibits. One such exhibit is the SMK Transformerbot at…

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Designing Representative Collaborative Policy Making

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Designing Representative Collaborative Policy Making

INFEWS (Innovations at the Nexus of Food-Energy-Water Systems) researchers Graham Ambrose and Saba Siddiki (Syracuse University) share best practices for designing representative collaborative…

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CITP Seminar: Tal Zarsky and Jane Bambauer: When Small Change Makes a Big Difference: Algorithmic Equity Among Similarly Situated Individuals

This talk is co-sponsored by CITP and the University Center for Human Values. Al and Bob are very similar, with one specific exception. This exception might pertain to their age, annual salary,…

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Reasoning about Modular Programs: Part 1: Representation Invariants

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