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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Peter Marra

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Peter Marra "Studying birds in the context of the full annual cycle"

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"Music Making in Iran from the Fifteenth to the Early Twentieth Century" lecture by Amir Hosein Pourjavady

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CITP Seminar: Mako Hill – Lifecycles of Peer-Produced Knowledge Commons

After increasing rapidly over seven years, the number of active contributors to English Wikipedia peaked in 2007 and has been in decline since. A body of evidence will be presented that suggests…

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Introduction to Early Islamic Coins

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Professor Michael Cook

Princeton University Press Video Blurb

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20240111_Events101_EMS Scheduling System

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A Document of Sale from Medieval Egypt

We discussed item 27 in Islamic Manuscripts, Garrett Additional Box no. 20. This document of sale was written in 980 CE on behalf of the Coptic Christian Yuhānnis ibn Suqayna and his wife…

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Toni Morrison Lectures with Farah Jasmine Griffin - 03/28/23

DEAR TONI: MORRISON EDITS A GENERATION OF BLACK MEN Held over three days March 28 – March 30th, the Toni Morrison Lectures are held bi-annually and spotlight the new and exciting work of…

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Cell cycle, life cycle, and diurnal behavior - Chair- Yoshiki Nishimura

A conserved RWP-RK transcription factor VSR1 controls gametic differentiation in volvocine algae - Sa Geng, Takashi Hamaji, Patrick J. Ferris, Minglu Gao, Yoshiki Nishimura, James Umen DNA cytosine…

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Geniza Lab Live with Prof. Tamer el-Leithy: “The Biography of a (kinda Coptic) Alley in Late-Medieval Cairo”

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NES Seminar Series - Rachel Schine

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NES Responsa & Letters Group (3.21.23)

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