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Optimal Prepositioning of Hurricane Emergency Relief in the Caribbean: A Demand Approach, Katie Kolodner, UG '24 (716852C7)

The devastating historical impact and increasing threat of natural disasters due to climate change have demonstrated the need for improved emergency relief efforts in disaster-prone areas like the…

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7.6 Disenchantment

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Emotional Relief a Study of International Crisis Response in Haiti, Germalysa Fendjie Ferrer, UG '22 (3964834)

On January 24th through the 25th of this year, a recent United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, A service report stated there were a total of more than 30 earthquakes…

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The Origins and History of a Monastic Archive - From the Early Middle Ages to the Present

This 8.5-minute video explores the history behind the medieval library and archives at the former monastery of Saint Gaul. The archive was begun in the eighth-century and preserves many important…

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