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Reconstructing Sea Surface Temperature Fields with Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models, Charlotte Merchant, UG '24 (E63EAA31)

Estimates of sea surface temperature (SST) variability are crucial for examining changes in the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, evaluating connections between climate variability and…

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CITP Lecture: Peter Henderson – Aligning Machine Learning, Law, and Policy for Responsible Real-World Deployments

Machine learning (ML) is being deployed to a vast array of real-world applications with profound impacts on society. ML can have positive impacts, such as aiding in the discovery of new cures for…

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Rematch+ Intern - Molly Cutler

Learning Ambiguous Words Through Active Sampling

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Pasupathy, Raghu "The Complexity of Adaptive Sampling Gradient and Adaptive Sampling Accelerated Gradient Methods for Stochastic Optimization" May 16, 2018

PCTS "Bridging Mathematical Optimization, Information Theory and Data Science"

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