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Cosmic Inflation: Simulating the Formation of the Early Universe, David Shlivko, GS (D954902B)

The universe today is fascinatingly complex. Hundreds of billions of galaxies are each home to hundreds of billions of stars, planets, and other astronomical objects. But 14 billion years ago, the…

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Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies:"The World At Night Photography"

he World at Night Photography: Revealing the wonders of natural nights and the global impact of light pollution Night hides a world but reveals a universe. Through this lens the world’s…

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SoA Lecture Series: 'Relatives" a lecture by Chris Cornelius (Oneida nation)

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Penn Library's LJS 57 - Astronomical anthology (Video Orientation)

Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 57 - Astronomical anthology. A collection of astronomical texts, including a copy of a treatise on the calendar originally…

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The Augmented Undercommons and The Path to The Sun: An Exploration of Liberatory Technology and other Revolutionary Tools, Payton Croskey, UG '23 (3963813)

Gunshot-detecting microphones, killer drones and baby fingerprint scanners all exist to convince citizens that they are necessary developments for a safe society. Yet, Black technologists and…

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20220225_WDA Conference-AM_GK 2 (Output 1)

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How tiny particles in the atmosphere change temperature, rainfall, and the transport of heat

Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies graduate student Ilissa Ocko presents her research on the ways in which the aerosols sulfate and black carbon have affected earth’s temperature, precipitation,…

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