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Akemann, Gernot, March 19, 2024, "Fermionic systems low dimensions and random matrix theory"

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Spot the Difference: Using Camera Traps and Coat Patterns to Identify Individual African Civets (Civettictis civetta) and Analyze Image ID Algorithm Accuracy, Catherine Keim, UG '23 (2264666)

Because mesocarnivores (carnivores at intermediate trophic levels) are generally solitary, elusive, and nocturnal, they are very difficult to research. One technology that can remedy this is the…

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OURSIP Intern -Jessica Wang

Towards Accurate Multiplexed Proteomics on a Linear Ion Trap-Only Instrument

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Pocono Environmental Education Center: Composting Project

Learn more about how students with Community Action helped create a composting project at the Pocono Environmental Education Center and how the composting systems work.

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JRCPPF Fourth Annual Conference - "The Safety Trap"

"The Safety Trap" - Emmanuel Farhi with discussant Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Thursday, February 19, 2015

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