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SURF: Eavesdropping on Underwater Communications from the Air, Poorya Mollahosseini, GS (1B355730)

This project investigates how an airborne node can eavesdrop on the underwater acoustic communication between submerged nodes. Conventionally, such eavesdropping has been assumed impossible as…

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OURSIP Intern - Nick Zhu

Simulation Study of Monolayer Vibrations Advised by: Prof. Aditya Sood, Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringTouhid Ahmed, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond: Photo-Induced Behavior of GdSbTe, André Koch Liston, UG '23 (3887939)

Light is fast — but not infinitely fast. When electronic circuits become as small as atoms and information travels in the picosecond scale (10^-12 s), detectors must react to ultrafast changes…

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