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Agents with aspirations: A Prospect Theory approach to intrinsic motivation in Reinforcement Learning, Lucas James Irwin, UG '23 (2270745)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming ubiquitous, yet the lack of transparency in its decision-making process and its value system raises alarms. To address this, my senior thesis combines…

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Navigating health insurance for students

Learn from Linda Nilsen, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources at Princeton University, as she explains health insurance basics that every student should know.

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Austria e-Summer Seminar Promo Video 2021

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TigerTalks Digital | Impacts of COVID-19 on the Future of Healthcare Delivery

Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) and PAA of Nashville & Middle TN are pleased to present the next TigerTalks Digital event and the first to feature Nashville alumni. The evening's…

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Version 2 - Medical Section

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5.4 Aetna J-1 Visa

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5.3 Princeton Health Plan (PHP)

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Cape Town, South Africa, Summer 2014

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