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Fit-for-Purpose Food Waste Valorization

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Dean for Research Award for Distinguished Innovation 2023 - Peter Jaffé and Shan Huang, Bioremediation of long-lasting contaminants

In recognition of the importance to society of innovative research and scholarship, the 2023 Dean for Research Award for Distinguished Innovation will be awarded to Peter Jaffé, William L.…

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Bradford Seminar: 'Harmonizing Forces: A Global Quest to Tackle the Water and Climate Crisis Through Sustainable Development Goals"

In an era defined by environmental challenges, the world is witnessing a transformative journey undertaken in parallel by global corporations, non-governmental organizations, and government…

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Fit-for-Purpose Food Waste Valorization

Aaron Leininger (Princeton University) shares INFEWS findings on fit-for-purpose food waste valorization.

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ReMatch+ Intern - Blue Carlsson

Bioremediation with Microbial Electrolysis Cells and Acidimicrobiaceae sp. strain A6 Advised by: Prof. Peter Jaffe, Civil and Environmental Engineering Camila Llerena-Olivera, Civil and…

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Katie Tam - 2021 Journalism Senior Colloquium

Katie Tam '21 presents her certificate project, "The Secrets in Our Sewage," during the Program in Journalism's third annual Senior Colloquium. As the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged…

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Water Resilience: Protecting Water Systems from Evolving Stressors

This session was part of Engage 2020, Princeton University's innovation and entrepreneurship conference. How do hurricanes, floods and tornadoes affect the water systems we rely on? This…

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Community Action 2020: Social Innovation with Reclaim Energies

Hear from Tobi Ayeni '21 and Nadia Ralston '22 as they introduce their organization Reclaim Energies and discuss their experiences and journey in seeing it to fruition.

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Panel Discussion: Data science at the energy-water nexus

Panelists will explore the nexus between energy and water, and big data, such as how energy and water are intertwined and how data science can help advance research and development and business…

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