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A Document of Sale from Medieval Egypt

We discussed item 27 in Islamic Manuscripts, Garrett Additional Box no. 20. This document of sale was written in 980 CE on behalf of the Coptic Christian Yuhānnis ibn Suqayna and his wife…

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5.2 Reflections on the Story of Hagar—Struggle and Trust

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5.1 Muslim Mary and Jesus

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4.25 The Prophet as a Role Model.MP4

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FPUL Small Talk: ‘The Eccentricities of a Scholar’s Library’ with John V. Fleming (A Virtual Event)

Professor John Fleming discusses his extensive personal library, which includes 16th century Italian editions of the works of Petrarch as well as 10 folio volumes of The Cornelius à…

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Jim Freund '56 at the Piano, Alumni-Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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Brillian Bao - 2020 Journalism Senior Colloquium

Brillian Bao '20 presents her certificate project, "While They Wait: The Cost of Seeking Asylum in Greece," during the Program in Journalism's Senior Colloquium. Greece’s…

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Marriage 101: Male and Female Created He Them

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Eleonore Raoul Professor of the Humanities, Department of History, Emory University

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Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Poem

Michael Wood, Charles Barnwell Straut Class of 1923 Professor of English and Comparative Literature, explains the various ways to read a poem.

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