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Understanding the Backyard Bird Can Improve Aircraft Design, Hannah Wiswell, GS (2F33196F)

Bioinspired design connects biology and engineering, allowing us to gain insights about a particular species while also improving structural design. Birds, for example, have provided inspiration to…

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2022.02.28 MAE Faculty Search

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Boomerang: The Effects of Authoritarianism and Pre-Migration Experiences on the Partisanship and Political Attitudes of First- and Second-Generation Latinos, Jorge Pereira, UG '21 (2296601)

Following the micro-targeting of Latino national origin groups by the Biden and Trump campaigns during the 2020 election cycle, my thesis examines the role between pre-migration experiences and…

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Molecular Biology Butler Seminar - Patel, Nipam October 21, 2020

Insect Wings: Origins and the Physics of Their Beauty Wings have certainly contributed to the success of many groups of insects. Their origin, however, remains a matter of considerable controversy. …

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Robotic Bees: Overview, Actuation and Power

Noah Jafferis, Harvard University

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