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QuaLLM: An LLM-based Framework to Extract Quantitative Insights from Online Forums, Varun Rao, GS (2A506948)

Online discussion forums provide crucial data to understand the concerns of a wide range of real-world communities. However, the typical qualitative and quantitative methods used to analyze those…

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CITP Seminar: Dan Calacci – Why Data Rights Should be Labor Rights: Data Protection and AI Regulation for Gig Workers and Beyond

Workers everywhere are more surveilled, managed, and quantified by technology than ever before, harming people’s health, safety, and dignity at work. Gig workers like Uber and Lyft drivers…

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Meet David Brown

David Brown is an associate director at the Pace Center and oversees the Student Volunteers Council and community partnerships.

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OURSIP Intern - Virginia Cobbs

Eusocial Behavior in Bumble Bees Mentors: Prof. Sarah Kocher, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dr. Ian Traniello, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Building a Photo Essay

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Critical Consumption - Citizenship-Sovereignty Panel

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