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"Music Making in Iran from the Fifteenth to the Early Twentieth Century" lecture by Amir Hosein Pourjavady

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CITP Seminar: Matthew Jones – Great Exploitations: Hacking, Metadata, and the NSA in the Golden Age of Signals Intelligence

According to the US National Security Agency, we’re living in the “golden age” of signals intelligence—the spying on worldwide communications of all kinds. The Snowden…

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Trenton's Stacy Park - From Urban Renewal to Community Reinvestment; Austin J. Edwards, Esq., GS (4088143)

Once a beautiful green park space connecting Trenton residents to the Delaware River, former Stacy Park became a six-lane highway during the 1960’s period of “urban renewal” even…

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UNOW Day Nursery's OriginStory

A documentary about how a conservative University administration and a radical feminist organization (the National Organization for Women, NOW) joined forces in 1970 to open a full-time daycare to…

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Why was NOW interested in childcare, according to Victory Chase (audio clip)

Victory Chase explains the interest of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in the issue of child care in the 1970s. Interview by Carolyn Jones.

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Black Militancy and White Violence: The Collapse of Authority During the Late '60s and Early '70s

Alan C. Petigny, Associate Professor of History, University of Florida

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Chip Kidd: "SIGNALS GraphicChipDesignKidd"


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