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PLI Symposium 2024: Boris Hanin

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Prentice Lecture (2024) - Patrice Rankine - Theater and Crisis

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PLI Symposium 11/28 Leah Boustan

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Righting the American Dream with Diane Winston and Rachel Brown-Weinstock

A conversation with Diane Winston, author of Righting the American Dream: How the Media Mainstreamed Reagan's Evangelical Vision, a provocative new history of how the news media facilitated the…

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Mapping Human Preference in the Mosquito Brain, Timothy W. Schwanitz, GS (2924323)

The Yellow Fever Mosquito is a globally invasive mosquito that prefers to bite human beings because it prefers the odor of human beings to the odor of other animals. In parts of its native range in…

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Mexico's 2018 Elections: Elections, Violence, and Corruption Panel

Javier Aparicio, Guillermo Trejo, Moderator: Maria Inclan

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"Superintelligence, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Existential Risk"

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Postmodern Procedures: Deforming - Mark Lee

Mark Lee Deforming December 5, 2015 AM Session 1 Princeton University

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The Security Archipelago: Human-Security States, Sexuality Politics, and the End of Neoliberalism

Paul Amar, an associate professor in the global and international studies program at the University of California-Santa Barbara, specializes in comparative politics, human geography, international…

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Religion & Business: From Forbidden to Faith-Friendly?

David Miller, Associate Research Scholar in the Center for the Study of Religion and Lecturer in Religion, explains the mission statement of the Princeton Faith & Work Initiative, his involvement…

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The Racial Gap in Academic Achievement

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The Future of Conservatism

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