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Mapping Human Preference in the Mosquito Brain, Timothy W. Schwanitz, GS (2924323)

The Yellow Fever Mosquito is a globally invasive mosquito that prefers to bite human beings because it prefers the odor of human beings to the odor of other animals. In parts of its native range in…

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Engage 2021 - The Future of AI/ML in Bioengineering

This discussion, led by industry executive Jeff Wilke of Re:Build Manufacturing, examined the impact artificial intelligence and machine learning are likely to have on bioengineering in the future.…

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Cliff Brangwynne — Thinking Forward: Bioengineering

Director of the Princeton Bioengineering Initiative, Cliff Brangwynne, makes the case why Princeton is the best place to lead the field of bioengineering into a wide open future.

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The Future of Collaboration and Inclusive Innovation: Microsoft + Princeton

During Engage 2020, Princeton University's innovation and entrepreneurship conference, Microsoft President Brad Smith '81 frames a session about the collaborative relationship of Princeton…

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Nicolo Fusi of Microsoft Research, at Biomedical Data Science Day 2017

Nicolo Fusi, research scientist at Microsoft Research, outlines Microsoft's involvement in computational biology, starting with why this topic is an area of interest for the company.

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Leslie Greengard: Modeling, simulation and large-scale computing in biomedical data science

Leslie Greengard, director of the Center for Computational Biology at the Flatiron Institute/Simons Foundation, reviews modeling, simulation and large-scale computing in biomedical data science. Dr.…

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Professor H. Sebastian Seung‘s research presentation on “Mapping the connectome with deep learning and crowdsourcing.”

Princeton Professor H. Sebastian Seung presented recent research at the University’s Biomedical Data Science Day, focused on using techniques from deep learning and social computing…

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Princeton Engineering Dean Emily Carter and Celgene Executive Chair Bob Hugin Kick off Biomedical Data Science Day 2017

Emily Carter, dean of the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Robert Hugin, executive chairman of Celgene, start off the University's Biomedical Data Science Day…

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Computer Science Chair Rexford highlights Princeton's data science activities and their potential impact on discovery and society

Princeton Computer Science Chair Jennifer Rexford helps open the University's Biomedical Data Science Day by providing an overview of Princeton's core strengths in data science. Those…

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